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Dental Advice For Adolescent Years 12 – 18

Stopping Cavities From Occurring.

Sadly, there are many teenagers who develop caries. This is because sport drinks and soft drinks have been sold at schools. The purpose of sports drinks is to help athletes keep their fluids up. If any person consumes this drink too much, they will certainly get a lot of sugar and acid on their teeth. This is what causes tooth decay. It is advised that people of all ages drink some plain or flavored water straight after drinking a sports or soft drink. The purpose of this is to give the teeth a break from the sugary-acid that is getting to them. It also allows the teeth to heal and re-mineralize. (To find out more about this, please have a read of What is Dental Caries? This will tell you what you need to know about re-minieralization).

Sealing Tooth Decay.

In order to protect the back teeth from decay, sealants may be used. As far as we are aware, these are the best things to use to prevent decay from occurring. It has been proven that sealants can prevent caries from developing in these teeth by up to approximately seventy per cent. Teenagers do not need to have these if they have never had decay on their teeth. This is great if they are brushing and flossing their teeth correctly and if they are maintaining a healthy diet. On the other hand, if a teenager is known to having a lot of decay on their teeth, then sealants will probably be suggested. Whilst sealing out can be a way to stop decay from occurring, it should only be used on a case-by-case basis.

Teeth Grinding.

If you have a teenager who is grinding their teeth, then mention this to their dentist. If a teenager is grinding their teeth, they may experience jaw joint difficulties. Jaw difficulties occur when there is too much stress on the muscles of the jaw. To prevent this from happening, a mouth guard that is especially designed to fit your teenagers mouth, will help the muscles to get some rest. Particularly during the night. It will also prevent the jaws joints and the teeth will be protected. There should also not be as much pain.

Mouth Guards Designed For Sports.

If you would prefer your teenager to wear a mouth guard whilst they play contact sport, we will support you in this. Contact sports include soccer, hockey and football. If a teenager wears a mouth guard, their teeth will be protected. Jaw joint injuries and concussions may also be prevented. The mouth guard is not to be a burden to your teenager. Rather, it must be comfortable. After all, your teenager should want to wear it. If it is too hard to find the right size, we will be able to create a custom made guard for your teenager instead.

Chewing Gum.

If a teenager has to have chewing gum, they should chew on the sugarless gum. This will stop tooth decay from occurring. In fact, sugarless gum has the ability to clean the biting surface areas on their molar teeth. Saliva production will also be stimulated. Chewing on sugarless gum will assist with the healing process of the teeth. It will also bring minerals to your teenagers surface areas of the teeth. However, it is important to remember that chewing gum with sugar in it will bring a very bad outcome for your teenagers teeth.

The Use Of Tobacco.

Many people who choose to smoke cigarettes will already know that this is not good for their health. Smoking is also bad for the lungs and will damage the mouth. A person’s teeth will also be stained. Be aware that smokeless tobacco is very harmful. This is because the nicotine gets fully absorbed. The absorption goes directly through the gums. It has been proven that mouth cancer will increase greatly because of this. Teenagers in particular must realize that all types of tobacco is harmful to their oral health. It is best to stay away from it altogether.

Tooth Whitener.

A lot of teenagers worry about how they look. They think that whitening teeth will give them more self esteem. Whilst regular check ups and good oral hygiene deliver an amazing smile, there are a few teenagers who do all they can to try whitening their teeth for that extra shine. Many teeth whitening products purchased over-the-counter are deemed safe. They are also usually effective to some degree. However, we advice that all teenagers ask their dentists first before giving it a go. For a quicker and more powerful outcome, we will give your teenager the correct teeth whitening products that come with custom made trays. As your teenager goes through this process, a chemical reaction will happen. This happens inside of the teeth. This is what will give longer outcomes and what will make the process work quicker. Always chat to the dentist before allowing your teenager to try this. Dr Z advises that bleaching should not happen at least until your teenager is in their late teenage years.

Bad Breath.

A lot of teenagers are worried about getting bad breath. To prevent this from occurring, we recommend that they always brush their teeth and gums correctly. The tongue and the palate should also be brushed. Don’t forget about flossing. Crest Pro-Health TM toothpaste is excellent for lessening bacteria. It will also improve breath. Another great toothpaste to use is the Colgate Total TM toothpaste. Never allow teenagers or children to use mouth rinses that contain alcohol.

If your teenager has sinus infections, asthma or allergies, they will likely have secondary halitosis. This cannot be removed by brushing or rinsing. Always see the teenagers doctor who will help address these difficulties.

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