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What to Look For From a Buckhead Pediatric Dentist

Every child needs proper dental care.

When you choose me as your Buckhead Childrens Dentist, I will offer the highest standard of care. I’m Dr. Jin Loo and I’ll make sure that your child is treated with kindness and respect at all times. I’ll be gentle, caring and sympathetic. In fact, I’ll treat your child just as though he or she were my very own!Buckhead Pediatric Dentist

As well, I’ll perform dental care which is thorough and effective.

I Have the Right Skills and Training

After I finished dental school, I made the decision to pursue pediatric dentistry as a specialty. This meant years of extra training. I loved the training as it allowed me to develop a host of new skills which I now use at our dental clinic each and every day.

As well, my extra training gave me a deeper understanding of how children develop and how to relate to them, whether they are infants, older kids, ‘tweens or teens. This understanding is vital in terms of helping kids to feel calm and safe as I work on their teeth. It’s one of the keys to soothing the anxiety that many infants, kids and teens feel when they walk through the front door of a dental clinic!

Without this knowledge of child development, it’s much harder to deliver sensitive and compassionate service.

As you can see, pediatric dentistry is my passion and I’m so proud to be the children’s dentist at Happy Children Pediatric Dentistry.

Every day, I utilize my skills, education and work experience in order to help kids enjoy healthy and beautiful smiles which make them feel good about themselves.

What could be better than that?

Since I do care and since I’m an experienced Buckhead pediatric dentist with the right training, certifications, degrees and credentials, you are very safe placing your trust in our dental clinic. We’re an integral part of the Buckhead community and parents and guardians know our dental team well…and trust us to deliver impeccable service which is warm, friendly and professional!

When you book an appointment for your child today, you’ll be choosing a Buckhead Kids dentist that the community believes in. We know that our good reputation depends on offering quality dental services, as well as the right selection of dental services.

Looking for Buckhead Pediatric Dentist

Buckhead Pediatric Dentist

We are committed to excellence. Our services help kids to enjoy good oral health and to build dental care habits which benefit them for a lifetime.

Our Dental Clinic is Just for Kids

Don’t settle for a dental clinic which isn’t just for children and teens. Instead, choose a dental clinic which is just for younger patients. Your child needs this level of specialized dental care. When you connect with our dental clinic today, I’ll assess your child’s dental health and then recommend all of the right services. I’m able to provide whatever is needed, from radiation-free x-rays to custom mouth guards for sports to tooth-colored fillings, dental cleanings and check-ups.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning more about my background, philosophy and dental services. I also hope to see your child at Happy Children Pediatric Dentistry in the near future. To arrange an appointment, call us or fill out the convenient request form at our website. It’s really that simple to get the ball rolling!

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