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You don’t like going to the dentist, probably, but do you want your kids to fear them too. There are ways to make your kids comfortable enough to get their teeth cleaned.

If you have kids then you know how difficult it is to get them to do anything you want them to. Getting them to eat their vegetables, clean their rooms, or just simply listen to what you are saying can be a challenge. Getting them to go to the pediatrician is often a fight that many parents dread fighting. Let’s face it they’ve had a bad experience from day one at that office, what with all the shots. You need to do your best to get them off on the right foot with Marietta Kids Dentist so that it’s one less thing you have to fight about.

Marietta Kids DentistYou should start your child young with Marietta childrens dentist just like you do with your pediatrician. Most oral health care practitioners would say when the first tooth starts to come in you need to start seeing them. This way your little one is accustomed to go to their office. Don’t worry they don’t expect your six month old to cooperate or sit on his own. It’s more of a familiarity thing. He’ll look at your child’s mouth and possibly take some x-rays to ensure that the teeth are developing properly.

Dentist is good for your child because a professional who specializes in young patients

There are some cosmetic dentist procedures which are specifically focused on children. These treatments are usually carried out by skilled and experienced oral health care providers who have decided to focus on aesthetics when it comes to dentistry. Individuals are considered children until they reach the age of eighteen, after which they are considered minors. In dentistry, the age may be more flexible and many older children go to the regular dental professional than the one that practices cosmetic dentistry. In this connection, Marietta Kids Dentist who focuses on children may have patients up to the age of fifteen or thereabouts.


Stains or discolorations often plague youngsters. The reason behind the discolored teeth may be the kind of food and beverages that the child is exposed to regularly. Dark colored soda, tea drinks and coffee based drinks can really affect the whiteness of our pearly whites and children are no exception. Many parents are concerned about the state of their children’s oral cavity and they are more vigilant these days compared to parents a few decades ago.

This vigilance may be the reason why there are more and more children who are brought to their oral health care provider to treat discolored or stained teeth. Usually, the kids who are brought in are past the age where they have their milk teeth and may be ones who have their permanent ones on, especially the ones in the front. The sandy springs cosmetic dentist may recommend the usual bleaching procedure and treatment for the child but with a lesser dosage compared to the adult, if need be. In some cases, the same dosage may actually work. Microdermabrasion is also one of the primary solutions that a dental professional may recommend to parents for the discoloration or stains.

Bonding and Veneers

It is not just the adults who suffer from chipped, broken or fractured smiles. In fact, many children have chips and breaks to their pearly whites because of their rough activities. The usually solution for adults when it comes to chips, breaks and fractures is the application of a veneer or the use of composite bonding to duplicate the appearance of a perfect tooth. The vinings pediatric dentist may have some preferences when it comes to which one to use to make the chip, break or fracture appear none existent.

A veneer comes in two material, namely composite and porcelain. While composite is sturdier than porcelain, it lacks the natural sheen and opacity of porcelain. Porcelain is more fragile than composite but mimics the appearance of a tooth very well. Both need to be made in a dental laboratory according to the measurements of the one being replaced. The veneer is then attached to the damaged tooth. Bonding also makes use of composite but this is usually utilized in part of the tooth only. Gaps, chips and breaks can be made to look better with the application of the composite bonding which is formed and cured in the oral cavity in one or more sessions.

Both treatments are very effective and can be done safely to children.

Marietta Kids Dentist

Kids Dentist Procedures for Kids

When you do take your child to the dentist take them to someone who specializes in pediatrics. They know how to deal with kids and will be able to make your kids feel at ease quicker. They also have a tendency to have some things that other doctors don’t have that help relax the kids. Some of them have TVs in the exam rooms so your kids can watch SpongeBob while they get their teeth cleaned. Others have headphones that play music or just help drown out noises that can make kids feel unsettled during their visit. Also many of them allow younger kids to sit in Mom’s lap during the exam so that they feel more at ease.

But probably the most important thing you can do to get your kids to not be afraid of Marietta Kids Dentist is to go yourself. If they see that you make dental appointments, and keep them, they will learn there is nothing to be afraid of. Even if you hate going, make it look to them like it’s no big deal. That way in the future you can be certain that you’ll get less of a fight and they’ll be more comfortable going.

The dentist office is not designed to scare kids. By making sure that they are comfortable with their doctor and have plenty of distractions you can get your kids to go without a knock down drag out fight. At some point in their lives they may have to have a cavity filled and that’s never fun, but if they learn that they can trust their doctor then maybe getting them to go before it gets to be a really big problem won’t be hard.

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