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Preschool 3-5 Years Old

Dental Advice For Three To Five Year Old Children Three To Five Years.

The Importance Of Primary Teeth.

“Baby teeth” is another term for primary teeth. When it comes to the health and development of your child, these teeth are incredibly important. Primary teeth are to be looked after well just like permanent teeth. These teeth play an important role when your child is first discovering how to talk and eat. They also play a major role when the child’s face is developing and growing. Primary teeth will keep the original space of the dental arch. They are there to help direct the growth of permanent teeth. A child will have most of their permanent teeth by the time they are six years old. However, the molars (otherwise known as the back teeth) will often stay there until a child has turned twelve or thirteen years old. If the teeth are not looked after correctly, gum disease, toothaches, decay and other major health issues will be experienced. This is why all primary teeth are important and must be given the correct hygiene every day. As with permanent teeth, they too need to be attended to by a professional from time to time.

The Growth Of Teeth.

The last lot of primary teeth should arrive during these years. When the child is two years old, their second molars should have developed. During this time the child may experience a lag time. If so, no teeth will be lost, nor will new teeth develop. Once your child has turned six years old, their primary teeth will start to come out. However, this can start to happen at a much younger age than this. If your child has started losing their teeth, always take them to their dentist.

How To Avoid Cavities And How To Control Other Dental Caries.

If your child is between two and five years old, they will begin to become independent. Our advice for parents is that they should always pay close attention to what their child is eating. Good oral hygiene should also be carefully attended to. During these ages, your child will begin to drink liquids full of sugar. They will also consume a lot of sugary snacks. Do not be surprised if your child soon begins to experience tooth decay. Fruit juice is one of the major causes of tooth decay. Always limit juice drinks to no more than two times each day. All children should be given either flavored water with no sugar in it, or better yet, plain water.

During these ages, your child will want to do more things on there own. However, it is still important that all parents assist their child with brushing and flossing. This should be done until the child has turned seven or eight years old. A good rule to keep in mind is: if your child is unable to tie their shoe laces, then you can be sure they will not be able to brush and floss their teeth correctly.

Is It Wrong For The Child To Use A Pacifier Or If They Suck Their Thumb?

If a child is under four years old, then it is OK for them to use a pacifier. It is also OK for them to suck their thumb. However, these habits will often begin to stop when the child is between two and four years old.

If a child is older than this and is still sucking their thumb, then they may experience speech difficulty and dental problems. Some problems may include: the dental arches not lining up correctly, the teeth not lining up correctly, or their jaw might not grow correctly. As we have already said, speech difficulty may also occur. The child may not be able to pronounce their D’s or T’s correctly. Their tongue may also thrust or a lisp may develop. Be sure to ask your child’s dentist if you are concerned about any of this.

Always consult your child’s dentist if you are worried about them still using a pacifier or who are still sucking their thumb. They will be able to tell you what can be done to stop these habits from occurring. A Story For Children, A Guide For Parents written by Susan P H D Heitler is a great book to read.

Early Treatment And Orthodontic Evaluation.

The best ages to begin orthopedic treatment is between two and five years old. Orthopedic treatment involves the positioning of the bones in a child’s face. The reason why these ages are the best age to begin such treatment, is because it will allow normal growth of the six year molars. Dentists can also begin to work on any crowding that may be occurring. They will be able to come up with strategies that will provide room for permanent teeth to develop.

The Potential For Dental Emergencies.

Many children will be very active during these years. They will test out how far they can get. They will be jumping and climbing on things on a regular basis. Always watch them closely. Let them know they can stop injuries from happening by making good choices. Always have an emergency phone number in your mobile phone and close to your home telephone. This is the last thing you want to have to search for when you need it. If facial trauma occurs, always call the emergency number. You should also make an appointment with your child’s dentist.

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