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Primary School 6-11 Years Old

Dental Advice for 6 – 11 Year Old Children.

About Orthodontics.

During these years, children will move on from primary teeth and will then move on to permanent teeth. Their jaw joint structures will also change. The aim of orthodontics is to prevent constriction and cross bites within the dental arches from occurring. Dental arches need to have an abnormal joint shift. This is what brings all of the teeth together to where they should be. Orthodontics also makes sure that the permanent molars are growing correctly. These molars play a vital role in making the joint work as it should.

Also throughout these years, we do our best to make sure children’s bottom and top incisors have been aligned correctly. Their “eye teeth” or cuspids also need to be sitting in the right place. “Eye teeth” may at times harm the arch or have the appearance similar to fang teeth. During these years, a child’s body and face will grow very quickly. This is why important face changes be made while they are still young. Orthodontics will also give children these ages special head gears. Head gears are designed to put any under bites or over bites in their rightful place.

The American Association of Orthodontists are supported by the A to Z Pediatric Dentistry. We believe that it is vital that all children get a very thorough orthodontic evaluation by the time they turn seven years old. During this evaluation a study of the child’s face will be performed. Bit registration and standard arch length measurements will also be included. If required, appointments with a pediatric dentist and orthodontist will take place with the parent of the child. During this appointment recommendations for treatments will be talked about.

Panoramic Radiograph.

At A to Z Pediatric Dentistry, we will take a panoramic radiograph when the child’s first permanent molars begin to develop. This is a vital thing for us to do because it provides information about all of their teeth. It will also tell us if there are any patterns occurring, or if any teeth are missing. We will also be able to see what shape the teeth are. The panoramic radiograph helps us to see how the child’s jaw joint is progressing. We will also know how many pathological conditions that their jaw may be experiencing. The radiograph will assist us in making all kinds of decisions in regards to the child’s orthodontic and restorative care.

How To Stop Cavities From Occurring.

It is every parents responsibility to show their child the importance of good nutrition. This includes things such as health snack habits. Oral hygiene is also vital. Parents should assist their children with brushing and flossing their teeth until they are around seven to eight years old. A rule to remember is that if your child is unable to tie up their shoelaces, then they certainly wont know how to brush and floss their teeth correctly. Be sure to make appointments with your child’s dentists often. Check ups with the dentist should occur every six months or what is recommended by their dentist.

Chewing Gum.

If chewing gum must be had, then have the sugarless gum. This type of gum will stop tooth decay from occurring. In fact, sugarless gum can even clean the biting areas of molars. They may even stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva is designed to assist with the healing of the teeth, and bring the minerals to the surface areas of the mouth. However, be sure to remember that any gum that contains sugar is very harmful for teeth.

Sport Mouth Guards.

If you would prefer your child to have a mouth guard whilst they are playing sport, know that you have our full support in this. These can be worn in any contact sports. Hockey, football and soccer are some examples of such sports. All mouth guards need to be comfortable for the child to wear. They should not be a burden to them. If you are having difficulty getting the right size for your child, then we can make one especially for them.

Sealing Tooth Decay.

In order to stop the decay-prone areas on the back teeth from getting worse, Sealants may be used. There is no doubt that these are fantastic things for your child to use. It has been proven that sealants prevent caries from occurring in permanent teeth by up to around seventy per cent. It is not hard to use sealants. They are also last a long time. Seek your dentists advice as to whether or not sealants will be of benefit to your child.

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