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Do You Need a Caring and Professional Marietta Pediatric Dentist?

Your child deserves the most competent and caring dental care available. We are here to provide exceptional dental care which will positively impact your child’s oral health and general health. If you need a caring and professional Marietta Pediatric Dentist, you need look no further! Our licensed Marietta kids dentist will put your child at ease.

Marietta Pediatric Dentist

Professional Marietta Pediatric Dentist

Children should see a dentist when they turn one or when their first teeth begin to erupt (whichever is sooner!). We take care of the teeth of toddlers, older kids and teens. Our goal is to teach children the right dental habits early on, and to offer cleanings, check-ups and other dental services which ensure healthy and beautiful smiles!

Our Dentist Has Special Training

Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Jina Yoo, has extra training which allows her to meet the needs of younger patients. Dr. Yoo is warm, friendly and dedicated. She’s a licensed dentist who has successfully completed years of specialized training in the field of pediatric dentistry.Marietta Pediatric Dentist

Years of intensive, post-dental school training in pediatric dentistry make her an ideal choice for a host of pediatric dentistry services, including emergency services, children’s dental cleanings, low radiation digital x-rays, IV dental sedation, children’s fluoride treatments, cosmetic “tooth-colored” children’s dental fillings, children’s dental crowns and custom-fitted athletic dental mouth guards.

Since our entire dental team (including Dr. Yoo, skilled dental hygienists and our office staff) is committed to offering the highest standards of service to infants, kids, ‘tweens and teens, including younger patients that have special health needs, our dental clinic is a smart and safe choice for your child.

We are also happy to help with dental insurance forms and generally make life easier for busy parents!

Schedule Check-ups Twice Per Year

Every child should see Dr. Yoo twice per year. When you schedule checkups for your child every six months, you’ll be doing all that you can to prevent cavities and other dental health issues. In some cases, more care will be needed. However, most of the kids who come to our clinic do so twice yearly.

We Helps Kids Learn Good Habits

We believe in getting kids excited about proper dental care! This means providing them with a safe and welcoming clinic atmosphere which helps to relieve any anxiety about going to the dentist that they may feel!

It also means showing them the value of regular brushing and flossing. Education is important, so we take care to teach kids the right oral health habits, in ways that are easy for them to understand.

Your child deserves a positive experience at the dentist. Our team will go the extra mile to make your child feel valued, special and relaxed, while also teaching him or her how to practice effective dental care at home.

Please Get in Touch Today

At Happy Children Pediatric Dentistry, children definitely come first. They are our focus. In fact, they are the only clients that we see at our 4375 Cobb Pkwy SE dental clinic!

If you’re situated in Marietta or Atlanta and you want to find the right kid’s dentist for your child, we encourage you to call us today at: 770 541 9131. If you prefer to, you may use the convenient online “Request Children’s Dental Appointment” form at our website. Just fill out the required fields, submit the form and then wait for a response. We won’t keep you waiting for long!

When you place your trust in our dental clinic, you’ll be doing what’s best for your child’s oral health. Also, our dental services are competitively-priced and our dental clinic is clean and serene.

So, why not connect with our dental team today?

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